Environmet for Windows Command Line

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Solution for Windows Command Line. Version 0.1.3. Aliases implemented.

Contains configurations and aliases for generic CMD in Windows, and basic GNU command line tools, like ‘grep’ or ‘ls’. This is not an executable programm, it’s just set of windows batch files and binary tools. Could be used to simplify and speed-up development process.


Download Executible Installer

(need to restart computer after to reload desktop shortcut hotkeys)

Download ZIP Archive

(need to extract into root of "C:\" drive, like 'C:\CMDEX\', and execute install.bat located in CMDEX root, like "C:\CMDEX\install.bat")

Or, clone this solutin into root of 'C:' disk by 'git':

(currenly, there is hardcoded path's, so, this solution should be placed in 'C:\CMDEX\' folder. It's planned to fix this later).

cd /d "C:\"

git clone

And execute 'C:\CMDEX\cmdex_install.bat' to update system 'PATH' and create shortcut on the dektop (as administrator).



CMDEX is under GNU General Public License v2.

Commands specifiation

Commands References


More information on the CMDEX web site


Roman Gladkyi.